The Spirit of Faith

October 15, 2018

There’s FACT (of a situation), and there’s TRUTH in what God says about that fact. FAITH is trusting in that truth of Gods Word 100%. Trusting in the “fact” brings FEAR! Faith can’t operate with fear. One overrides the other. Faith requires action, and faith-filled words to follow. Develop the habit of speaking the Word UNTIL it becomes a part of you inside, so when emergencies come, that faith filled Word will come out, instead of fear.
Be confident of what God’s promised will come to pass, now in THIS life!
Your victory comes by the spirit of faith that’s IN you!
So, don’t back down and be resolved with your life as- is! Get all that belongs to you! This is the victory that overcomes the world- our faith! 1John 5:4


Resurrection of The Dead Foundation Class #6

October 12, 2018

Jesus believed and we believe that there going to be a general resurrection for the just and unjust. In this teaching you will understand what the Bible teaches when one dies and is immediately in eternity.


Gods Will For Us

October 8, 2018

Before you can get the specific's in life, the Word of God declares what we need to do first. Generalities verse Specifics. In this message it will prepare you for breakthroughs in life.


Winners Never Quit Part 2

September 30, 2018

Quiting is never an option, we learn to stand against any adversity and wait patiently as God is working on our behalf by the promises in the Word. In this message we see why some quit and never see the manifestation of a breakthrough.


Repentance From Dead Works Foundation Class #5

September 29, 2018

In this class you will see examples and meaning to what is repentance. We cover as well the difference between False and True repentance concluding with the evidence of repentance.


Baptism of The Holy Spirit Foundation Class #4

September 28, 2018

In this teaching we cover the misconceptions about speaking in tongues and why it is important to pray in the Spirit. We see how Jesus is our example including the Apostles Paul & Peter.


Winners Never Quit Part 1

September 24, 2018

The "No Más Fight", is one of the most famous fights in boxing history when Roberto Durán turned towards the referee and quit by apparently saying, "No más" (Spanish for "No more". A Legacy was born. Don't leave a legacy like this.
A good fight is a fight you win.
We’re made to win.


The Baptisms of Christ Foundation Class #3

September 20, 2018

In this class we cover the three Baptisms each believer must observe and fulfill in there walk.
This class covers Water Baptism.


Covenant of Increase

September 17, 2018

The Covenant of God has always been a covenant of increase which we receive by faith. Faith causes us to increase. INCOMING.
But we have to learn how to receive Gods Way, not just achieve. Receive not Achieve.


The Lordship of Christ Foundation Class # 2

September 13, 2018

When receiving Jesus Christ as Lord, your accepting Him into your hearts as well as accepting Him as your supreme authority and owner of everything in all your life.